It happens every day at Foremost Farms. Our employees produce cheese, butter and whey ingredients that consistently meet the quality and performance needs of our customers. The unique skills, knowledge and experience of our employees are what set us apart.

Foremost Farms is owned and guided by the dairy farmer members who produce our quality milk. Our member-owners, executive leaders and employees all work together to ensure that we operate ethically and responsibly – as we supply world-class dairy products and ingredients to customers across the globe.

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Foremost Farms USA offers a comprehensive selection of employee benefits. Listed below is only a brief outline. Various offerings, eligibility and other rules apply which are governed only by official plan documents and can vary by hourly or salaried status, in addition to location.

Health Care

  • Medical Coverage
    There are multiple medical plans for employees and family members, including consumer-directed plan options. Preventive care and comprehensive prescription drug plans are associated with all medical plans.
  • Dental Coverage
    Foremost Farms USA offers comprehensive dental coverage for employees and family members, including preventative care benefits.
  • Vision Coverage
    We offer voluntary vision coverage at many Foremost Farms locations.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

The pre-tax benefits of putting a portion of your pay into a FSA to pay for certain un-reimbursed medical/dental expenses like deductibles, co-pays, coinsurance and many over-the-counter medications, dependent care are available to employees at most Foremost locations. By contributing and "paying yourself back" with pre-tax dollars for out-of-pocket expenses, you will be lowering your taxable income and increasing your take home pay.


  • Life Insurance
    Term life insurance is available through Foremost Farms-sponsored life insurance plan.
  • Short-term Disability (STD)
    STD pay is available in the case of extended medical-related leaves of absence to offer a level of income protection if you are unable to work.
  • Long-term Disability (LTD)
    LTD is available to help protect a level of income in the case that an employee is unable to work on a longer-term basis.

Paid Time Off

There are multiple paid time off benefits available depending on the situation. This includes vacation, holidays, bereavement and sick days.


Employees can take advantage of a defined contribution plan, commonly referred to as a 401(k) plan, which includes a company match based on the amount each employee contributes into the plan. There is a pre-tax regular 401(k) and a post-tax Roth 401(k) option.

Education Assistance

Employees are encouraged to continue to grow in their current positions and prepare for future opportunities that may arise in the company. Assistance is available to salaried and hourly employees who have received supervisor approval and are taking courses that relate to their jobs or the business activities of Foremost Farms. The current maximum annual benefit is $5,250.

Employee Assistance Program

The EAP is intended to help with the challenges of balancing work and family issues. It can provide assistance when searching for childcare or when researching resources for dealing with an elderly parent.

Referrals for legal assistance as well as money management consultation also are part of the EAP. Of course, you may consider using the EAP when dealing with other life issues such as parenting, jobs, relationships or substance abuse.

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Foremost Farms employees set their own course when it comes to managing their health and the dollars they spend on it.

  • Foremost Farms understands its responsibility to provide a healthy workplace:
  • Recognized by Wellness Council of America (WELCOA) with a Well Workplace Gold Award
  • One of seven Wisconsin companies to earn gold distinction
  • Employee programs and tools are offered to maximize employee health and well-being
    • A health coach who is only a phone call away
    • Resources for healthy eating at home and away
    • Incentives for quitting tobacco use
    • Annual on-site flu shots
    • Annual health risk assessments
    • Opportunities to participate in fitness challenges
    • Resources to understand health care quality and cost

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At Foremost Farms, we are committed to the safety and well-being of our employees. We believe excellent safety performance not only prevents injuries, but reflects the total human condition at our cooperative – and has a big impact on the bottom line.

Safety by the numbers

During the past five years, Foremost Farms has conducted an aggressive program to emphasize the importance of health and safety at all our facilities. In the process, a five-year trend of safety incident rates averaging 15.0 has been reduced to a rate of 2.0. We're now driving to 1.5.

Celebrating success

When one of our facilities reaches a safety milestone – such as the Appleton plant's 90 employees going six years without a lost-time incident – we honor that achievement with employee celebrations, luncheons and gifts.

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We believe that people want to do the right things, want to contribute, want to do quality work, want to have a positive impact and will achieve these things, if the system enables them to do so.

To support these beliefs, Foremost Farms USA offers on-going leadership development workshops, continuous process improvement training and makes available a generous tuition refund program for personal development in obtaining formal higher education degrees.

And of course, we provide all of the mandatory safety, quality and regulatory training that goes along with a world-class food manufacturer. In addition, Foremost Farms allows select college students to gain real-world experience in various internship programs.

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